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           Lights, Camera, Action!

It isn't just for Hollywood anymore. High school proms have evolved from a simple get together in the gym to the most highly anticipated event of the entire school year. Months of planning and hard work culminate in an exciting event that remains forever a treasured memory in the minds of all who attend. High school dances and Proms are an important part of any teenager's life. The night is also extremely important to the Advisors who put in a lot of time and effort to ensure a great time is had by all.

The DJ is an important part of ensuring your teenagers safety by maintaining the energy at the Prom.  Consider how much the DJ will contribute to the event: the music, the orchestration of the evening's planned activities, the encouragement he or she will provide for your guests to get up and dance, as well as all of the extra-special effects like Intelligent Club Style lighting, bubble machines, Video Mixing on 10 foot screens, live TEXT MESSAGING on Big Screens, and any other optional video parties or live party video streaming.

Make sure that you pick a DJ who will entertain your students and keep them dancing!

We have a new program that will allow you to hire our great DJs for $5 per ticket for our basic package. This program will allow you to turn a high 'fixed cost' into a variable cost that will help free up your finances while planning your Prom. You pay us based on your ticket sales. This has really helped some schools focus on selling tickets instead of worrying about the huge financial burden of the Prom. Ask about this program when you call!

                   We MIX Music

A true DJ is skilled in the art of ‘Mixing’. Mixing is when a DJ blends songs together to create a seamless transition between songs. This transition allows the dance floor to keep moving without stopping between songs and allows the party to have a natural flow. Some DJs now-a-days can't mix, so the music stops between songs or they fade one song down and fade the other song up leading to a quiet dance floor between songs.

All Star DJs are PRO MIXERS who blend songs together, and season the dance floor with song drops and intros. We’re sure to keep your dance floor packed all night long! Our mixing and remixing of songs will have your friends dancing the night way.

All Star Djs are masters of the LIVE PARTY MIX. We blend, mix, and remix the best songs...If you have a video party, our videos even mix live on the 10 foot screen.

                     Teacher Owned

As a full time High School teacher, and member of National Educators Association, the owner of All Star DJs is in a unique position to understand the concerns and challenges of ensuring a safe environment for our young people. All Star DJs plays only edited music at events, and we provide an extra set of alert eyes to help maintain an enjoyable environment for all partygoers. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep guests on the dance floor throughout our events.

We allow Party Planners to create their own playlists online. They can search songs by title or artists and easily add them to a playlist that will be mixed in with the music at your event. We gladly accept and encourage guest requests at your party to ensure that you and your guests hear their favorite songs.

We use top of the line equipment to provide a consistent, quality sound. All Star DJs carry backup equipment on site to ensure that your event never misses a beat. Our DJs will handle announcements or provide a wireless microphone that will allow guests of honor to address the party from anywhere in the room.

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